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Grim Reaper by Audrey Martinez

It was the day after the Grim Reaper forgot to kill me

And I was sad about it

I was all over him last night

Mentally and physically


Touching pinkies, making promises

The sun rose and he forgot

About me

This empty bedspread

Lays like a crumpled piece of paper

Across my headboard

And I'm watching

Mangled metaphors and sick similes dash across the hallway

Running away from me

Blinking away liquid sadness

Little droplets which turn into little capsules which turn my vision into pink tinted goggles

Mountains become hills and

Oceans fall down the shower drain and

My atoms eat other people until

Their hurt feelings spill out onto my pages

Every willing wrongdoing

Every mocking memento

Spills out of the spicket

Into the bucket of ‘bitter girl'

More souls than mine who will be reaped


Pale Death skips over me

Thick with sickness but I will slip right through his fingers

Wrapped up in the bedspread

Which looks like

Three lined paper explaining why I needed him

To take me tonight

But he will skip over my house



Audrey is a 22 year old human being who is residing and writing in Utah. When she's not writing you can find her in the mountains.

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