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OCD Monster by Sayer Keely

A figure of trepidation,

With it’s agonizing stare.

Never righteous enough

To continue in its rivalry

With the silence of unknowns.

Everyday I walk alone among them,

A sea of rumination,

A never-ending storm

Of unwanted thoughts.

Strangling me,

As I continue to fall.

Fall into dark.

I’ll dig a little house of my soul,

And live there.

Though the walls crush me,

It’s safe inside

My shrinking mind.


Sayer Keeley is a Senior at the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where he majors in Creative Writing. He has written occasionally for years, but hasn’t embraced his love for words until this past year. Sayer plans on going to college for English Education.

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