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Questions by Rudraksh Dange

Hey there, little bird

From what do you fly?

'My life,' he said,

'But I don't want to die.'

(Why am I frightened of these paper-cuts on my paper skin?)

Hey there, sleepy eyes

Of whom do you dream?

'Myself,' he said,

'I seem to have lost him.'

(Why does the brightening morrow make me seem deathly pale?)

Hey there, night flower

For whom do you bloom?

'My road,' he said,

'It wouldn't end too soon.'

(What if I can't smell the daffodils anymore?)

Hey there, blue river

From where do you flow?

'The peak,' he said,

'To the ocean of tomorrow.'

(How do I forgive myself for all the things I did not become?)


“I'm Rudraksh Dange and I come from India. Poetry has been a means of catharsis for me for a few years now. I wish poems I have written provide some comfort to those who may read them.”

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