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Safe Haven/Curtains by Andie Schoen

the smell of cardboard is choking me today pale brown mountains

with dusty snowfalls

and ridges of permanent marker

partially obscure my view

of the terrible white paint

she lifts the curtain rod

it shrieks as it scratches

against its bearings

jumping up in fear

and collapsing into her hand

she removes the faded curtains

forlorn and resigned

they need to be washed, she remarks

dust billows around like smoke

as she folds them

the life they watched unfold

crackles and sparks

blazing behind them

i look on in horror

i’m so sorry, i scream in my head

muzzling myself with my shivering hand

sobs seeping through

my teeth full of maggots

i love you so much.

it’s just your time.

she returns the curtainless rod

to its hook

reaching for the other end

she can’t get that far

she takes the center

it shakes under her palm

i let out a yelp

she begins removing the curtain

it reaches for its last breath,


before it releases it

we’re killing it

it’s our home

and we’re killing it.


Andie Schoen is a 19-year-old poet, singer-songwriter, and artist. All of their creative works are cathartic and depict their struggles with mental illness and difficult emotions.

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