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The Fire Oscillates by Rudraksh Dange

When the house burned down

The insurance didn't cover it.

We moved to the house in Bombay I thought we would die here.

At the time, it felt like a death sentence; But we'd survived cancer

And tremendous fights

I didn't understand.

Time is adding up

And I feel the weight of each day

More acutely than the one before.

Sometimes the fog clears and I wonder what the day will bring.

How can I die

When I know I can be here

As long as the Lord

Wants me to be here.

It doesn't matter what happens to us

Before we are born

And after we leave this world.

What matters is belief.

When the house burned down,

My mother did too.

So, mother, if you are reading this

I miss you but I hardly remember you.

I don't know what happens after,

Or why it happens at all.

My belief is that everyone

Embraces heaven as their own.

When the fire passed

Taking you with it,

I didn't understand.

I don't now.

I don't now.


”I'm Rudraksh Dange and I come from India. Poetry has been a means of catharsis for me for a few years now. I wish poems I have written provide some comfort to those who may read them.”

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