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Up (Again) by Demitri Camperos

I spied her on a cloudy day

A wish awash, a separate way

For while I watched the widow wane

A blurry blotch, mine eye betrayed

I faced the figure, quivered sigh

I figured faces pass her by

With daggers drawn and morbid dye

A tender touch need only try

But spouting with a sudden force

The rain came out, that sullen source

Of pain unparsed, of flown remorse

It grazed my lips and fingers coarse

And in its reign, I swiftly fell,

So flooded in this stirring spell

A sunken soul can scarcely tell

When cordoned cause may ever quell

My genuflection found instead

The phantom gone, incarnate dread

To catch and spin a sinner’s web

And summon shame from shackled head

Although the crime may never mend

I know I'll climb devout again


Demitri Camperos is a school psychologist with a diagnosed compulsion to write.

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